Join Athletics Ontario Fundraising Committee

Athletics Ontario’s vision is to be the sport of choice for Ontario and is committed to providing value to our members. As we know, there are increasing demands on Government dollars and membership fees, historically the primary sources of funding for Athletics Ontario. We anticipate these pressures will continue and are looking to identify opportunities to allow us to alleviate our reliance on government and membership fees for funding.

We have conducted a series of questionnaires to determine how Athletics Ontario can provide additional value to members and their families. Some key findings are:

  • Lower meet entry fees
  • More events for U12 age groups
  • Hold more events outside Toronto area

As a result, we are forming a committee to identify opportunities to support findings. Revenue and benefits will be directed into a number of areas, for example:

  1. Athletics Ontario Programming – supporting enhanced AO specific programs
  2. Special Purpose Programs – Volunteer and Official needs, Awards Gala, Branding Activities, Clubs in need, etc.
  3. Operations – Equipment purchase, storage, rental, software programs, etc.
  4. Membership Benefits – To provide membership benefits in areas of need such as lower meet fees, travel, accommodation, nutrition, clothing, etc.

We are extremely proud of what our athletes have done and can achieve. We believe that many organizations would also be proud to stand with us as a sponsor or partner.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact Paul Osland via email, at

The first Committee meeting will take place on Wednesday May 8, at 12:00 PM.

Read more about the committee here.

Premier Partners

Secondary Partners