New Provincial Records Set at Indoor Combined Events Championships

The second Indoor Championship meet took place this weekend, at the Toronto Track and Field Centre. It was our Combined Events Championship, and included some prep events as well. 

We had four new provincial records set at the meet. The first was in our Combined Events Championship. In the Men’s U18 Pentathlon, your gold medalist Stephen Davis, of Laurel Creek Track and Field Club, not only broke the U17 and U18 provincial records, but also broke the U18 Canadian record, with his fantastic performance earning 3,512 points. Great job Stephen! In the Men’s U20 Heptathlon, gold medalist Bailey Couch takes down the record set by Austin McLeod (open Men’s gold medalist), with a total points score of 4,642. And finally, in the U14 Boys Tetrathlon, Dominik Bahadur of Laurel Creek T.F.C. set a new provincial record of 1,834 points. 

Out in the field, in the U14 Women’s Shot Put, Emma Negri of the University of Windsor Athletic Club set a new U13 provincial record with a best attempt of 9.43m. This outdoes the previous record of 8.95m. Great work Emma! 

Final Results:

Combined Events:
Prep 2  

We want to thank everyone who came out and helped us make this yet another fantastic event. We were grateful to our athletes who showed up on time, and therefore helped us to run the meet on time. 

Our next Championship event will be on February 8-9, 2020, and will feature our U18 and Open Championships. Registration is open, visit our Championship page for more information:

Following are the gold medalists, and first place finishers from the events this weekend. 


U14 (Tetra) – Sarah McKie, London Legion (1,621 pts)
U16 (Tetra) – Robyn Larkan, Durham Dragons (2,582 pts)
U18 (Pent) – Robin Selkirk, Unattached Ontario (3,362 pts)
U20 (Pent) – Emma Hendriksen, London Western T.F.C. (2,973 pts) 

U14 (Tetra) – Dominik Bahadur, Laurel Creek T.F.C. (1,834 pts)
U16 (Tetra) – Carson Gauthier, Thorold Elite T.C. (2,179 pts)
U18 (Pent) – Stephen Davis, Laurel Creek T.F.C. (3,512 pts)
U20 (Hep) – Bailey Couch, St. Thomas Legion (4,642 pts) * Provincial U20 Record
OPEN (Hep) – Austin McLeod, London Western T.F.C. (4,786 pts) 


U12 Girls: Malia Williams, Thunderbolt (8.84s)
U14 Girls: Kayla Gaynor, Durham Dragons (8.05s)
U16 Girls: Riana Green, Speed Academy (7.91s)
U18 Girls: Trinity Miller, Mississauga Olympians (7.71s)
U20 Women: Princess Williams, I Be Fast Track Club (7.85s)
Open Women: Sian Smart, Unattached Ontario (7.81s) 

U12 Boys: Koji Miller, Eclipse Track Club (11.17s)
U14 Boys: Joshua Nicolas, Eclipse Track Club (9.12s)
U16 Boys: Chairo Ogbebor, Unattached Ontario (7.28s)
U18 Boys: Jadon Rose, Mississauga Olympians (6.97s)
U20 Men: Andre Sivakumar, Speed Academy (7.05s)
Open Men: Andre Azonwanna, Unattached Ontario (6.81s)

U16 1200m PREP
Women: Kyla Martin, South Simcoe Dufferin (3:49.44)
Men: Gavin Stone, Thorold Elite T.C. (3:32.63)

1500m PREP
Open Women: Hallee Knelsen, St. Thomas Legion (4:43.58)
Open Men: Christian Rachner, Mississauga T.F.C. (4:07.77)

300m PREP
U16 Girls: Riana Green, Speed Academy (41.03s)
U16 Boys: Zavio Prato, Niagara Olympic (37.98s)

400m PREP
Open Women: Hallee Knelsen, St. Thomas Legion (57.97s)
Open Men: Abdullahi Hassan, Phoenix Athletics (48.85s)

Weight Throw PREP
U16 Boys: Liam Larson, London Western T.F.C. (14.01m)
U18 Boys: Josh Linington, Brantford T.F.C. (21.58m)
U20 Men: Jeremy Elliott, Saugeen T.F.C. (18.48m)

Shot Put PREP
U16 Boys: Liam Larson, London Western T.F.C. (12.62m)
U18 Boys: Arthur Stanat, St. Thomas Legion (13.59m)
U20 Men: Brandon Ovington, Beckwith AC (15.37m)
Open Men: Eric Braithwaite, SISU Throws Club (16.83m)

High Jump PREP
Open Men: Caleb Keeling, Saugeen T.F.C. (1.95m)

Pole Vault PREP
Open Women: Jennifer Elizarov, Elite Pole Vault (3.60m)
Men: Deryk Theodore, Edmonton Int. (5.00m) 

Triple Jump PREP
U16 Girls: Carylie Rands, Saugeen T.F.C. (9.44m)
U18 Women: Isabelle Hill, University of Toronto T.C. (10.50m)
U20 Women: Kirsten Yip, Hamilton Olympic Club (9.56m)
Open Women: Brittney Gibbs, Phoenix Athletics (12.32m)

U16 Boys: Jordan Williams-Neheli, Unattached Ontario (12.20m)
U18 Boys: Declan Chang, Speed Academy (12.06m)


Weight Throw PREP
U16 Girls: Anna Gurney, Brantford T.F.C. (14.31m)
U18 Girls: Liv Sands, London Western T.F.C. (12.61m)
U20 Women: Sophia Imola, Brantford T.F.C. (13.88m)

Shot Put PREP
U14 Girls: Emma Negri, University of Windsor A.C. (9.43m) * Provincial U13 Record
U16 Girls: Jasmine Broere, Saugeen T.F.C. (10.71m)
U18 Girls: Liv Sands, London Western T.F.C. (12.95m)
U20 Women: Alexandria Webb, Brantford T.F.C. (12.87m)
Open Women: Andrew Crow, Unattached Ontario (10.54m)

60m Hurdles PREP
U18 Women: Emmanuella Asumang, Supreme Athletics (9.08s)
U20 Women: Alexandria Verbancic, Speed Academy (9.28s)

U16 Boys: Banujan Kulainthiran, United Tamil Sports Club (9.74s)
U18 Boys: Dylen Belanger, St. Thomas Legion (8.69s)
U20 Men: Nathanael Taffese, Blue Devils (8.61s)
Open Men: Cameron Bruce, University of Toronto T.C. (8.34s)

U16 2000m PREP
Girls: Hanna Hollins, Durham Dragons (6:57.13)
Boys: Ethan Rashid-Cocker, University of Toronto T.C. (6:16.81)

3000m PREP

Open Women: Jadyn Keeler, South Simcoe Dufferin (10:22.17)
Open Men: Roman Mironov, Toronto West Athletics (9:04.22)

150m PREP
U14 Girls: Shadae Thompson, Durham Dragons (19.60s)
U14 Boys: Joshua Nicolas, Eclipse Track (22.02s)

800m PREP
Open Women: Hallee Knelsen, St. Thomas Legion (2:12.58)
Open Men: Riley Flemington, Oakville Legion (1:58.69)

200m PREP
U16 Girls: Janae Dawes, Durham Legion (26.58s)
Open Women: Trinity Miller, Mississauga Olympians (25.27s)

U16 Boys: Arwin Mathi, United Tamil (24.21s)
Open Men: Jadon Rose, Mississauga Olympians (22.63s) 

Long Jump PREP
U16 Girls: Stephanie Dundas, Durham Dragons (4.77m)
U18 Girls: Jillian Catton, Brampton Track (5.61m)
Open Women: Jada Meecham, Speed Academy (5.20m)

14 Boys: Matthew Chow, Eclipse Track (4.25m)
U16 Boys: Chairo Ogbebor, Unattached Ontario (5.91m)
U18 Men: Declan Chang, Speed Academy (6.06m)
U20 Men: Malik Elliot, Unattached Ontario (5.59m)
Open Men: Yordanys Duranon Garcia, Dominica (7.03m)

High Jump PREP
Open Women: Callista Blair, Monte Cristo T.C. (1.65m)

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