North American Indigenous Games 2017 Highlights

The 2017 North American Indigenous Games came to an end last week, as the closing ceremony took place on Saturday July 22nd. Congratulations to all athletes who competed and represented their respected region.  Throughout the games Team Ontario had many stand out performances.  With 38 podium finishes, Team Ontario was very successful throughout the games and embodied sportsmanship and fair play during the competition.  Here is a list of all of the athletes who achieved podium finishes:

  • U16 Girls Javelin – Hannah Morningstar (Bronze)
  • U19 Girls Triple Jump – Beatrice Nicholas (Bronze)
  • U16 Girls Long Jump – Jaydn Zeppa (Silver)
  • U16 Boys High Jump – Nicholas Burke (Gold)
  • U14 Girls High Jump – Mackenzie Innes (Silver)
  • U19 Boys 4×400 Relay – Kiniw Cleland, Gavin Wesley, Jared Hunter, Evan John (Silver)
  • U16 Girls 4×400 Relay – Hannah Morningstar, Zena Pregent, Kyra Anderson-Morriseau, Mckenzie Kakepetum (Bronze)
  • U16 Boys 4×400 Relay – Lex Hergott, Dallas Kooses, Keifer Scott, Nicholas Burke (Bronze)
  • U14 Girls 4×400 Relay – Victoria Trudeau, Jade Paquette, Francesca Pheasant, Emily Dodge (Gold)
  • U14 Boys 4×400 Relay – Julian Wemigwans, Sebastian Fiddler, Ryder Hopkins, Dylan Yzanbrandt (Silver)
  • U16 Boys 4×100 Relay – Lex Hergott, Keifer Scott, Dylan Yzanbrandt, Nicholas Burke (Bronze)
  • U16 Girls 4×100 Relay – Zena Pregent, Olivia Manitowabi, Kyra Anderson-Morriseau, Jaydn Zeppa (Silver)
  • U14 Boys 4×100 Relay – Latrell Peltier, Gabriel Grawbarger, Paul Goodman, Ryder Hopkins (Bronze)
  • U14 Girls 4×100 Relay – Victoria Trudeau, Shoniqua Bunce, Autumn Peltier, Mackenzie Innes (Gold)
  • U19 Boys 3000m – Gavin Wesley (Bronze)
  • U19 Boys 1500M – Kiniw Cleland (Gold) and Gavin Wesley (Bronze)
  • U14 Boys 1200m – Julian Wemigwans (Bronze)
  • U14 Girls 1200m – Emily Dodge (Gold) and Francesca Pheasant (Silver)
  • U19 Boys 800m – Kiniw Cleland (Silver)
  • U16 Boys 800m – Nicholas Burke (Silver)
  • U14 Boys 800m – Dylan Yzanbrandt (Gold)
  • U14 Girls 800m – Emily Dodge (Silver)
  • U16 Boys 300m – Nicholas Burke (Silver)
  • U14 Girls 300m  – Jaydn Zeppa (Gold) and Zena Pregent (Bronze)
  • U19 Boys 200m – Evan John (Silver)
  • U16 Girls 200m – Jaydn Zeppa (Gold)
  • U14 Boys 150m – Dylan Yzanbrandt (Silver)
  • U14 Girls 150m – Shoniqua Bunce (Bronze)
  • U19 Boys 100m – Evan John (Gold)
  • U19 Girls 100m – Aliya Howard (Silver)
  • U16 Girls 100m – Jaydn Zeppa (Gold)
  • U14 Boys 80m – Dylan Yzanbrandt (Silver)
  • U14 Girls 80m – Shoniqua Bunce (Bronze)
  • U14 Boys Shot Put – Aiden Gorveatt (Gold)
  • U19 Boys Discus – Nathan Gionette (Silver)

Tom Longboat Award 2017 

The Aboriginal Sport Circle is accepting nominations for the 2017 Tom Longboat Award.  The award acknowledges Aboriginal athletes for their exceptional contributions to sport in Canada. In addition to their athletic achievements, recipients will have demonstrated a personal commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and fair play, as well as to being a positive role model.  They will also have demonstrated a commitment towards living a balanced lifestyle – one that develops their physical, mental, cultural, and spiritual capacities.  The Awards include a male and female category.

Details regarding the award can be found here: 

Here is the link to the application:

The nomination must be submitted by September 15th, 2017 at 11:59 EST.