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If you are a parent, teacher, athlete, retired athlete or just someone interested in officiating in the world’s oldest sport, perhaps you’ll consider becoming a track and field official. To find out more about officiating with Athletics Ontario, contact any of the Executive members listed below.

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Officials Beginner Courses

Looking to become an official? The courses below are some of the first steps to your officiating journey!

Officials 201:

Officials Clinic (2 Day Virtual Clinic on Zoom) – FREE

This course is ideal for parents, athletes, students and those looking to be involved in the sport to volunteer and support your local host club in putting on a track and field competition. Upon completion of the course, you will be prepared to help at an upcoming event by gaining knowledge of the sport, competition management structure, and some of the rules.
Date & Time:
– Day 1: Tuesday, April 5 from 7 pm – 9 pm
– Day 2: Thursday, April 7 from 7 pm – 9 pm

2021-2022 AOO Executive Committee Members

Important Documents:

Annual General Meetings

2021 Officials AGM Audio/Video Summary, Minutes and Report

Officials Reports

    1. AOOEC Chair Report 2021
    2. AOOEC Vice Chair Report 2021
    3. 2021 AGM Officials Award & Incentives Report
    4. 2021 AGM Officials Seminars and Upgrading Report
    5. AGM Officials Availability Report
    6. AOO Proposed Budget 2022-2023

2020 Officials AGM Audio/Video Summary, Minutes and Report

2020 Officials AGM Audio/Video Summary

2019 AOO AGM Minutes & Reports:

Minutes: 2019 AOO AGM Minutes

2018 AOO AGM Minutes:

2017 AOO AGM Minutes & Reports:

2016 AOO AGM Minutes & Reports:

Officials Town Hall Meetings


January 25 – Audio/Video


September – Audio/Video

June 8 – Audio/Video

May 11 – Audio/Video

April 13 – Audio/Video

March 16 – Audio/Video

February 16 – Audio/Video 

This Officials Town Hall included a presentation on Social Media from AO’s Marketing & Communication Coordinator, Emily Sitarz.
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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 Officials Town Hall:

November 3rd – Written Summary
November 3rd – Audio/Video

Safe Sport Policy Manual Introduction for Officials

October 6th, 2020 Officials Town hall:

October 6th – Audio/Video

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