Athletics Officials Progression Pathway*

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*All officials requesting upgrading must be registered with Athletics Ontario as Officials


  1. A provisional official who attends an AOO Comprehensive Clinic may ‘save’ the clinic credit, i.e. will not have to take it again to be promoted to Level 2
  2. A Level 1 official who attends, or has attended, a clinic without attending sessions on all disciplines (or a clinic at which all disciplines were not offered) must write the AOO Level 2 official Assignment and achieve at least 80% to be promoted to Level 2

NOTE: For further details of requirements for promotion to Level 3, and to Levels 4 and 5, please refer to the ‘NOC Upgrading Criteria’ which can be found on the AO web site and on the Athletics Canada web site (above criteria for Levels 1 and 2 in Ontario supersede those outlined in the NOC Upgrading Criteria)

Credit System

Volunteer Experience at a recognized Event Credits
Working up to and including 4 hours in one day. 1 credit
Working over 4 hours, up to and including 8 hours in one day. 2 credits
Working over 8 hours in one day. 3 credits
*The maximum number of credits that may be claimed in one day is three.
** Ontario officials are generalists at Levels 1 and 2, and begin to specialize when moving to Level 3.


NOC Upgrading Criteria and Forms (as of JANUARY 19, 2021)


NOC National Mentoring Report
NOC National Mentoring Guidelines
NOC Application for Upgrading to Level 4 or 5


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