Athletics Officials Progression Pathway*

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*All officials requesting upgrading must be registered with Athletics Ontario as Officials


  1. A provisional official who attends an AOO Comprehensive Clinic may ‘save’ the clinic credit, i.e. will not have to take it again to be promoted to Level 2
  2. A Level 1 official who attends, or has attended, a clinic without attending sessions on all disciplines (or a clinic at which all disciplines were not offered) must write the AOO Level 2 official Assignment and achieve at least 80% to be promoted to Level 2

NOTE: For further details of requirements for promotion to Level 3, and to Levels 4 and 5, please refer to the ‘NOC Upgrading Criteria’ which can be found on the AO web site and on the Athletics Canada web site (above criteria for Levels 1 and 2 in Ontario supersede those outlined in the NOC Upgrading Criteria)

Credit System

Volunteer Experience at a recognized Event Credits
Working up to and including 4 hours in one day. 1 credit
Working over 4 hours, up to and including 8 hours in one day. 2 credits
Working over 8 hours in one day. 3 credits
*The maximum number of credits that may be claimed in one day is three.
** Ontario officials are generalists at Levels 1 and 2, and begin to specialize when moving to Level 3.



NOC National Mentoring Report
NOC National Mentoring Guidelines
NOC Application for Upgrading to Level 4 or 5


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