Athletics Ontario Announces New Partnership with VK Staffing Solutions

Athletics Ontario is excited to announce its newest partnership, with VK Staffing Solutions:

“Helping former athletes is what we do.

At VK Staffing Solutions, our team of recruitment professionals have first-hand experience in manufacturing, human resources, transportation, logistics and many more industries. Whether an employer’s needs are temporary, contract, or permanent, we will deliver!

VK Staffing Solutions knows that athletic experience listed on a resume means that the candidate has gone through a rigorous training and faced immense challenges.

Employers also know that athletes aim to compete and win. That’s why VK Staffing Solutions can help match candidates with potential employers so that all parties score a win-win.” 

The parent company of VK Staffing Solutions is Kavin Group, a company which offers industrial consulting, supply chain management solutions, transportation, and quality inspection services. 

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