Records, Medals and Photo Finishes Highlight the Fourth Indoor Championship Meet

It was another hot weekend on the track. We had nearly 2,000 event entries, and many exciting performances. 

Five new provincial records were set on Saturday at the event. The first was in the girls long jump competition, where Asia Phillips of the Flying Angels Academy set a new U15 provincial record with a best attempt of 5.35 metres. The previous record of 5.33m was set back in 1978. 

On the track, after just breaking the 2,000m record last month, Emily Cescon, of the University of Toronto Track Club, set a new U15 girls provincial record in the 1,200m. Her time of 3:37.66 surpassed the previous record of 3:38.36. Caitlyn Thompson of Athletiques International, set a new U16 girls 1500m race walk with a time of 8.03.55s, breaking the previous record by twenty seconds. 

On Sunday, in the boys 60 metre hurdle final, Christian Springett of River Speed Stars set a new U13 boys record, with a time of 10.07 seconds. The previous record was 10.76 seconds. Theo Cantelon of University of Toronto Track Club broke the U14 boys 2000m record with a time of 6:35.29s.

We had a few other spectacular performances throughout the weekend. In the U14 girls age category, Gabriella Ruggeri of the Etobicoke Track Club earned three gold medals in the two day event with some fantastic times in the 800m, 1,200m, and 2,000m. Also on the track, Izzy Goudros won gold in both the U20 Women’s 60m Hurdles, and the 200m. Lastly, Josh Trought of the Speed Academy, ran an incredibly fast 6.85 second 60m race to earn gold on Saturday. He followed this up with another gold in the U20 Men’s 200m on Sunday, with a time of 22.30 seconds. 

In the field, Emma Negri of the University of Windsor Athletic Club came extremely close to breaking the record she set earlier this season in the U14 girls shot put. Her best attempt of 9.33m came up just shy, but was still good for a gold in the event. 

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Final Results:

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As always, we are incredibly impressed with all of our athletes performances, and you can find the gold medalists from each event below: 


U14 Girls 60m: Kayla Gaynor, Durham Dragons (8.06s)
U14 Boys 60m: Max Ferguson, University of Toronto T.C. (7.78s)
U16 Girls 60m: Charliana Dacosta, Project Athletics (7.83s)
U16 Boys 60m: Isaiah Luke, Mississauga Olympians (7.02s)
U20 Women’s 60m: Brianna Gayle, Speed Academy (7.64s)
U20 Men’s 60m: Josh Trought, Speed Academy (6.85s)
U20 Women’s 3000m RW: Audrey McCarthy, Peterborough Legion (16:24.87)
U16 Girls 1500m RW: Caitlin Thompson, Athletiques International (8:03.55)
U16 Boys 1500m RW: Cole Coupal, Kawartha Lakes (8:02.96)
U20 Women’s 1500m: Cassandra Williamson, Phoenix (4:37.07)
U20 Men’s 1500m: Matthew Mason, London Western T.F.C. (4:03.99)
U14 Girls 1200m: Gabriella Ruggeri, Etobicoke Track (3:58.41)
U14 Boys 1200m: Theo Cantelon, University of Toronto T.C. (3:44.16)
U16 Girls 1200m: Emily Cescon, University of Toronto T.C. (3:37.66) *** new U15 provincial record
U16 Boys 1200m: David Jiang, University of Toronto T.C. (3:28.87)
U14 Girls 300m: Shadae Thompson, Durham Dragons (43.27s)
U14 Boys 300m: Aabjosh Singh, Laurel Creek T.F.C. (43.85s)
U16 Girls 300m: Riana Green, Speed Academy (41.71s)
U16 Boys 300m: Jaiden Beason, Terminal Velocity (37.44s)
U20 Women’s 400m: Krystalann Bechard, Border City A.C. (56.51s)
U20 Men’s 400m: Gage Marshall, Border City A.C. (49.62s)
U16 Girls SMR: Monte Cristo Track Club (Kristina Vincic, Eva Amorim, Elise Sawyer, Amelia Dodds) – 4:19.48
U20 Women’s SMR: Eliza Jane Boston, Mikayla Battams, Emily Kroi, Abby Yliphakala) – 4:21.13
U16 Boys SMR: University of Toronto T.C. ‘B’ (Anton Kozlov, Kevin Kenney, Theo Cantelon, Mihailo Prekajski) – 4:52.52
U20 Men’s SMR: St. Thomas Legion T&F ‘A’ (Dylen Belanger, Bailey Couch, Michael Roth, Mason Basson) – 3:38.83

U16 Boys Weight Throw: Liam Larson, London Western T.F.C. (15.03m)
U20 Men’s Weight Throw: Callan Saldutto, York University T.C. (18.83m)
U14 Boys High Jump: Sayanthan Arulrajan, United Tamil (1.55m)
U14 Boys Shot Put: Birenavan Balaramana, United Tamil (9.04m)
U16 Boys Shot Put: Harley Medeiros, Brampton Track (14.49m)
U20 Women’s Long Jump: Tayah Desousa, St. Thomas Legion (5.59m)
U14 Girls High Jump: Reigne Wilson, I Be Fast Track Club (1.40m)
U16 Girls Long Jump: Asia Phillips, Flying Angels Track Club (5.35m) *New U15 provincial record
U20 Men’s Shot Put: Jordan Gluck, York University T.C. (15.01m)
U14 Girls Long Jump: Ella Steel-Douglas, Border City A.C. (4.66m)
U16 Boys High Jump: Carson Gauthier, Thorold Elite T.C. (1.75m)
U20 Women’s Pole Vault: Jennifer Elizarov, Elite Pole Vault (3.85m)
U20 Men’s Long Jump: Spencer Campeau, Border City A.C. (6.71m)
U16 Girls High Jump: Arienne Birch, Unattached Ontario (1.68m)
U16 Boys Long Jump: Chairo Ogbebor, Unattached Ontario (5.99m)


U14 Girls 60mH: Ella Steel-Douglas, Border City A.C. (10.16s)
U14 Boys 60mH: Christian Springett, Rivers Speed Stars (10.07s)
U16 Boys 60mH: Jordan Williams-Neheli, Unattached Ontario (9.22s)
U16 Girls 60mH: Robyn Larkan, Durham Dragons (8.98s)
U20 Women’s 60mH: Izzy Goudros, Unattached Ontario (8.52s)
U20 Men’s 60mH: Ryder King, Etobicoke Track (8.29s)
U14 Girls 2000m: Gabriella Ruggeri, Etobicoke Track (7:02.72)
U14 Boys 2000m: Theo Cantelon, University of Toronto T.C. (6:35.29)
U16 Girls 2000m: Hannah McIntyre, Dorchester PV (6:49.86)
U16 Boys 2000m: Alexander Fonseca, Etobicoke Track (6:15.85)
U20 Women’s 3000m: Naomi Herman, Saugeen T.F.C. (10:20.01)
U20 Men’s 3000m: Matthew Mason, London Western T.F.C. (8:47.08)
U14 Girls 800m: Gabriella Ruggeri, Etobicoke Track (2:27.38)
U14 Boys 800m: Matthew Luke, Burlington T.F.C. (2:22.64)
U16 Girls 800m: Amelia Dodds, Monte Cristo T.C. (2:17.68)
U16 Boys 800m: Shamiso Sikaneta, University of Toronto T.C. (2:03.00)
U20 Women’s 800m: Cassandra Williamson, Phoenix (2:09.58)
U20 Men’s 800m: Matthew Larkin, Central Ontario Rogues (1:55.96)
U14 Girls 150m: Kayla Gaynor, Durham Dragons (19.48s)
U14 Boys 150m: Max Ferguson, University of Toronto T.C. (18.64s)
U16 Girls 200m: Susan Adenitan, Border City A.C. (26.11s)
U16 Boys 200m: Jaiden Beason, Terminal Velocity (23.43s)
U20 Women’s 200m: Izzy Goudros, Unattached Ontario (24.91s)
U20 Men’s 200m: Josh Trought, Speed Academy (22.30s)

U20 Women’s Weight Throw: Biniosa Ezukuse, Project Athletics (16.13m)
U16 Girls Weight Throw: Michelle Van Stuyvenberg, Saugeen T.F.C. (16.90m)
U20 Women’s High Jump: Autumn Bigger, Athletics Niagara (1.65m)
U14 Girls Shot Put: Emma Negri, University of Windsor A.C. (9.33m)
U16 Girls Shot Put: Sophia Saldutto, York University T.F.C. (11.91m)
U16 Girls Triple Jump: Kalista Elliott, Unattached Ontario (11.68m)
U16 Boys Triple Jump: Daiquan Monteith, Flying Angels Academy (12.78m)
U16 Boys Pole Vault: Liam Miller, Burlington T.F.C. (3.05m)
U20 Men’s Pole Vault: Bennett Woods, Georgian Jumps (4.35m)
U20 Women’s Shot Put: Alexandria Webb, Brantford T.F.C. (13.53m)
U20 Women’s Triple Jump: Busola Akinduro, Flying Angels Academy (12.33m)
U20 Men’s High Jump: Travis Bannerman, Laurel Creek T.F.C. (1.98m)
U20 Men’s Triple Jump: Oluchi Ugoh, Flying Angels Academy (14.14m)

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