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(Race Insurance Included)

Athletics Ontario Road & Trail Race Organization Membership
*New in 2021*

As an Athletics Ontario sanctioned Road & Trail Race Organization that organizes events adhering to Athletics Ontario Sanction Criteria, Athletics Ontario offers the following services:

  • Provincial sport governing body support within municipalities as needed
  • Demonstration of a higher level of professionalism as a Race Director
  • Enhanced event promotion through exposure on Athletics Ontario website and social media platforms, and at least one feature in weekly newsletter around the time of your event
  • 50% discount to annual race director summit
  • FREE event sanctioning (pending race sanction application approval)  See: Athletics Ontario Sanction Criteria
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for all of your events and activities including but not limited to: road/trail races, associated activities and events, and training groups (Insurance details can be found here)
  • Event Participant Insurance (Accident Death and Dismemberment) is available. Depending on category of size of participant base
    • 0-499: <200: FREE >200: ($25.00 + $0.12 cents per)
    • 500-999 <700 FREE >700 ($50.00+ $0.12 per)
    • 1,000-50,000: <1000 participants FREE >1000: ($0.12 per)


Register here!

Race Sanction

Apply HERE: AO Sanction application.

Race sanctioning process provides a simple, effective method to ensure the safety of all race participants. The sanctioning process involves a number of safety related criteria to which a race must adhere.

Sanctioned Races will be listed on Athletics Ontario’s sanctioned events list.

Sanction Fee: $75.00*

*Race Sanction fees are waived for Athletics Ontario Race Organization members

The AO logo is your guide to quality racing, as it is the official sanction symbol of AO. By displaying your logo and unique sanction number on your race website, signifies your compliance with AO standards of quality.

Race Director Town Hall

The most recent Race Director Town Hall took place on Wednesday July 7! Agenda items included:
If you were unable to attend live, a recording of the session is available >>HERE<<

Athletics Canada Course Certification

Check out the Athletics Canada Certified Courses List

More details on having your race certified can be found here.

Trillium Running Series

The Trillium Running Series is a combination of road and trail events that celebrate the diversity of the participation of running as a sport. By using age-graded percent results for Athletics Ontario members, athletes performances are measured on the same playing field, allowing members of all ages to feel unified.

Results:  2020 | 2019

Details regarding the 2021 Trillium Running Series are currently delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Race Directors Summit

The Race Directors Summit is an annual gathering of the community of race directors that began in 2017. It is a mastermind of knowledge sharing and expertise in all areas of the race directing field.

Past summits have been held both in person and virtually. Check out the information from our most recent summit here: 2021 Virtual Race Director Summit.

Athletics Ontario Race Organizations receive a 50% discount on registration fees.

Contact Sheryl Preston if you have any specific questions.

Road & Trail Risk Assessment and Safety Recommendations

The following guidelines have been created by Athletics Ontario, in order to provide a guideline for Ontario Race Directors to follow while developing Operational Plans for their events to maximize the opportunity for a safe event for participants during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These recommendations are not meant to replace any Federal and/or National Public Health, CDC, or WHO guidelines, but rather to address risks specifically relevant to COVID-19 and running races.

It is also imperative that event directors clearly understand that these guidelines are in place to minimize risk, not to completely eliminate risk. The onus remains on event directors to clearly outline, communicate and adhere to these guidelines and for the volunteers and participants to strictly adhere to these guidelines for their own health and safety and for the health and safety of others around.

Please review and understand the Athletics Ontario’s Road & Trail Return to Competitions Guidelines (Updated June 30, 2021) before hosting or participating in any upcoming road/trail race.

Virtual Race Safety Recommendations

  1. Follow the advice of your local public health authority, to help stop the spread of coronavirus
  2. Pre-plan your route with safety in mind. Websites like https://www.gmap-pedometer.com/ can help you source the correct distance and allow you to pick routes with the least amount of busy street intersections
  3. Avoid high traffic pedestrian and vehicle areas. Run or walk close to home in your neighbourhood during a quieter time of day
  4. Adhere to social distancing practices while you are out running or walking. Can you safely pass someone? Can you run safely on the road? Make sure you always have a safe way to move around people to maintain 6 feet of distance.
  5. Complete your run on a treadmill, if this is an option that is available to you and that you would prefer
  6. Wear appropriate clothing. Be visible and dress for the weather
  7. Bring fuel, hydration and hand sanitizer
  8. Carry a cell phone with you during your virtual race and tell someone the route you are running in case of an emergency

Road & Trail Contact: Sheryl Preston
Email, at [email protected]
Phone: 289-214-8333

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