Athletics Ontario (AO) is committed to providing opportunities for every individual involved in the sport of athletics to enjoy the benefits of this involvement — be they related to recreation, social interaction, physical fitness, competition, volunteerism, or employment. Harassment, in its various forms, can interfere with the achievement of this objective.

Harassment is a form of discrimination. It is prohibited by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and by human rights legislation in every province and territory of Canada. Harassment of any kind is offensive, degrading, and threatening. In its most extreme forms, harassment can be an offence under Canada’s Criminal Code.

To maintain a Safe Sport environment, Athletics Ontario has a Harassment Policy and process which you can view on our website. The Board of Directors feel very strongly about Safe Sport and stand firmly behind the AO Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy.

You can view our Harassment Policy both here and on our Policies and Governance webpage. We strongly encourage all members, coaches, athletes, parents, volunteers and officials, to read the FULL policies regarding the code of conduct and harassment.

AO Code of Conduct

Harassment Policy

We want our members and volunteers to feel safe and trust the sport system. It is crucial that safety in sport is understood and applied across all sports, with no exceptions.

Submitting a Complaint

You can fill out and submit the AO Complaint Form.

Or, if you have a potential case you’d like to discuss, please contact one of our Harassment Officers via email:  Female  |  Male


Additional Safe Sport Resources

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Complaint Resolution Outcomes:

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Appeal Decision – Randy Brookes – January 02 2020

Warwick-Fletcher v. Layne – Decision, February-24-2020

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Concussion Safety Resources:

Concussion Management and Return to Play Guidelines

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