Team Ontario at ACXC

We’re excited to announce the athletes selected to represent Team Ontario at the 2018 Athletics Canada Cross Country Championships, taking place in Kingston this Saturday, November 24. A few of these athletes auto-qualified at our provincial Cross Country Championships, and others were selected based on the criteria outlined on our website.

Coaches were previously announced as follows:

Brian Hilbers – Coach, Team Ontario – Open
Brant Stachel – Coach, Team Ontario – U20
Saheed Khan – Coach, Team Ontario – U18

Team Ontario will be as follows:

U18 Women:

Cassandra Williamson, The Gazelles
Olivia Roussel, Toronto Olympic Club
Emily Bryce, Saugeen T.F.C.
Samara Quanz, Saugeen T.F.C.
Emma Graham, University of Toronto T.C.
Jardine Lam-Colling, University of Toronto T.C.

U18 Men:

Chase Canty, Windsor Legion
Kyle Koyanagi, London Western T.F.C.
Noah Costa, Windsor Legion
Ben Miske, Toronto West Athletics
Liam Rivard, Central Toronto A.C.
Matthew Lampard, Central Toronto A.C.

U20 Women:

Victoria Bouck, London Western T.F.C.
Marisha Thompson, Unattached Ontario
Cameron Ormond, Newmarket Huskies
Brogan MacDougall, Physi-Kult Kingston
Anne Forsyth, Speed River T.F.C.
Jocelyn Chau, University of Toronto T.C.

U20 Men:

Evan Burke, London Western T.F.C.
Andrew Davies, Windsor Legion
Aaron Canfield, London Western T.F.C.
Andrew Alexander, University of Toronto T.C.
Alex Drover, Physi-Kult Kingston
Nicholas Mota, Newmarket Huskies

Open Women:

Katelyn Ayers, Speed River T.F.C.
Leslie Sexton, London Runner Distance Club
Victoria Coates, Dundas Valley Athletics
Claire Sumner, Physi-Kult Kingston
Sasha Gollish, Monarch Athletics
Julie Ann, Staehli

Open Men:

Nicholas Falk, University of Windsor A.C.
Tristan Woodfine, Unattached Ontario
Phil Parrot-Migas, London Western T.F.C.
Blair Morgan, Harbour Track
Chris Balestrini, London Western T.F.C.
Ehab El-Sandali, Toronto West Athletics

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