Team Ontario at Legion Nationals

The Youth National Legion Championships took place this weekend in Brandon, Manitoba, and we were pleased that a total of 42 athletes were selected to represent Ontario in the competition. Earning 48 medals (G – 19, S – 16, B – 13) in total, the athletes put on some spectacular performances throughout the three-day period.

A few highlights from the weekend include the following: Aysia Maurice, had a tremendous weekend, setting TWO new Athletics Ontario provincial records! In the U16 Girls 1200m, and 2000m, her respective times of 3:34.81 and 6:24.57 outshone the previous U15 records! She also earned a bronze in the 1200m and finished 4th in both the 2000m and 1500m steeplechase! Jillian Catton had some spectacular performances as well, taking home FIVE medals! In the U16 women’s category, she earned gold in the 100m, triple jump, 4x100m, sprint medley, and a silver in long jump. Additionally, three silver medals were earned by Alexa Windle who had some fantastic throws in the U16 Women’s Discus Throw, Shot Put and Hammer Throw!

On the men’s side, hats off to Ryan Jacklin, who took home three medals! His performances in the U18 Men’s Discus Throw, Shot Put and Hammer Throw earned him two gold and a bronze! On the track, Mark Skerl earned three medals! His performances in the U16 100m and 200m hurdles, as well as his participation on the Spring Medley Relay team, earned him two silver and a gold!

We know that many other Ontario athletes competed at the event and we are extremely proud of all of you on your accomplishments. You can find the full set of results from the Championship here.




U16 Girls 1200m:
Bronze – Aysia Maurice – 3:34.91 (New U15 AO Record)
9th – Emily Bryce – 3:42.85

U16 Men’s 1200m:
Bronze – Eric Campbell – 3:15.36

U16 Women’s 80m Hurdles
Silver – Izzy Goudros – 11.30s

U18 Women’s 100m Hurdles
Gold – Anna Witherspoon – 13.58s
Silver – Karlie Moore – 13.88s

U16 Men’s 100m Hurdles
Silver – Mark Skerl – 13.16s

U18 Men’s 110m Hurdles
Gold – Adam Exley – 13.99s

U16 Women’s 100m
Gold – Jillian Catton – 12.08s

U16 Men’s 100m
5th – Logan Spicer – 11.33s

U18 Women’s 100m
Silver – Makenzy Pierre-Webster – 12.01s

U18 Men’s 100m
4th – Andre Sivakumar – 10.98s

U18 Women’s 1500m
6th – Rebecca DeKay – 4:41.80

U18 Men’s 1500m
Bronze – Jake Hollinger – 3:57.767


U16 Men’s Pole Vault
Gold – Bennett Woods – 3.81m

U16 Women’s Discus Throw
Silver – Alexa Windle – 39.24m
9th – Nicole Hunter – 25.38m

U16 Men’s Triple Jump
Bronze – Joshua Seepersad – 13.06m

U16 Men’s Discus Throw
4th – Jamahl Falardeau – 48.23m
7th – Benjamin Brewer – 45.63m

U18 Women’s Long Jump
5th – Mahalia Mitchell – 5.59m

U16 Women’s Pole Vault
Gold – Isabelle Hill – 3.10m

U18 Men’s Discus Throw
Gold – Ryan Jacklin – 52.11m
Silver – Lucas Woodhall – 50.85m

U16 Women’s Triple Jump
Gold – Jillian Catton – 11.91m
6th – Isabelle Hill – 10.95m

U18 Men’s High Jump
4th – Benayo Olak – 1.92m

U18 Women’s Discus Throw
8th – Audrey O’Connor – 33.60m
15th – Jenna Fleming – 28.98m


U16 Women’s 2000m
4th – Aysia Maurice – 6:24.57 (New U15 AO Record)
6th – Emily Bryce – 6:31.06

U18 Women’s 3000m
5th – Rebecca DeKay – 10:10.89

U18 Men’s 3000m
Gold – Jake Hollinger – 8:51.46

U16 Women’s 300m
Bronze – Nicole McKenzie – 40.38s

U16 Men’s 300m
Bronze – Daniel Reader – 36.26s

U16 Women’s 400m
Bronze – Aleeya Hutchins – 56.83s

U16 Women’s 4x100m
Gold – Annika Jozin, Izzy Goudros, Nicole McKenzie, Jillian Catton – 48.24s

U16 Men’s 4x100m
6th – Logan Spicer, Mark Skerl, Daniel Reader, Matthias Richards – 46.80s

U18 Women’s 4x100m
Gold – Ontario A – 47.23s

U18 Men’s 4x100m
7th – Joshua Seepersad, Jordan McKenzie, Jamar Nolan, Andre Sivakumar – 44.24s

U16 Women’s Sprint Medley
Gold – Nicole McKenzie, Izzy Goudros, Jillian Catton, Emily Bryce – 4:10.44

U16 Men’s Sprint Medley
Gold – Daniel Reader, Matthias Richards, Mark Skerl, Eric Campbell – 3:40.71


U16 Men’s Shot Put
4th – Benjamin Brewer – 14.55m
8th – Josh Linington – 13.39m

U18 Women’s Javelin
Gold – Jenna Fleming – 46.13m

U18 Men’s Shot Put
Gold – Lucas Woodhall – 19.34m
Bronze – Ryan Jacklin – 17.10m

U16 Men’s Javelin
9th – Bennett Woods – 38.31m

U18 Women’s Shot Put
4th – Audrey O’Connor – 13.87m
14th – Jenna Fleming – 10.87m

U16 Men’s High Jump
Bronze – Logan Spicer – 1.78m

U16 Women’s Shot Put
Silver – Alexa Windle – 12.78m
4th – Nicole Hunter – 11.77m

U16 Women’s Long Jump
Silver – Jillian Catton – 5.50m
15th – Annika Jozin – 1.95m

U18 Men’s Javlin
Bronze – Caleb Lidlow – 60.17m



U18 Women’s 3000m Racewalk
Bronze – Audrey McCarthy – 16:29.12

U18 Women’s 400m Hurdles
Silver – Karlie Moore – 1:03.76

U16 Men’s 200m Hurdles
Silver – Mark Skerl – 25.19s

U16 Men’s 800m
Gold – Eric Campbell – 1:59.51

U18 Women’s 800m
Gold – Aleeya Hutchins – 2:09.76

U18 Men’s 800m
11th – Jake Hollinger – 1:59.08

U16 Women’s 200m
Silver – Nicole McKenzie – 25.50s

U16 Men’s 200m
7th – Matthias Richards – 23.55s

U18 Women’s 200m
Gold – Makenzy Pierre-Webster – 24.52s
Bronze – Anna Witherspoon – 25.35s

U18 Men’s 200m
Silver – Jordan McKenzie – 22.43s

U16 Women’s 1500m Steeplechase
4th – Aysia Maurice – 5:01.04

U18 Women’s 4x400m Relay
Gold – Ontario ‘A’ – 3:54.01


U16 Women’s Javelin Throw
Bronze – Nicole Hunter – 25.86m

U18 Men’s Triple Jump
Silver – Benayo Olak – 14.32m

U16 Men’s Hammer Throw
Silver – Josh Linington – 57.95m

U16 Men’s Long Jump
Silver – Jamar Nolan – 6.69m
13th – Mark Skerl – 5.82m

U16 Women’s Hammer Throw
Silver – Alexa Windle – 46.94m

U18 Women’s Hammer Throw
12th – Audrey O’Connor – 42.19m

U16 Women’s High Jump
5th – Annika Jozin – 1.64m

U18 Men’s Hammer Throw
Gold – Ryan Jacklin – 64.81m

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