University of Ottawa Research Study

Dr. Marijke Taks of the University of Ottawa and her research team are asking people “What makes track and field something that people want to do?” This project is part of a larger study in which the team is attempting to develop strategies to help local organizations leverage major sporting events to increase participation in their sport.

The objective of this particular study is to understand how non-athletes and athletes differ in their perception of track and field. This information could be helpful for track and field clubs to consider when attempting to attract new participants to the sport.

Dr. Taks is looking for clubs that are willing to participate in this study and send out a 3-minute online survey to their members. The first 10 clubs with a minimum of 10 members who respond will receive an incentive of a $100 gift certificate to a store of their choice. In addition, all respondents will be entered into a draw for one of four $50 cash prizes.

If your club is interested in participating in this study, please send an e-mail to Dr. Marijke Taks at [email protected] by July 31, 2017.